Laura might have bitten off more than she could chew on Monday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives L.A.” You see, the conniving, older Govan sister decided to up the stakes in her manipulation game with Jackie Christie by meeting up with Jackie’s estranged daughter, Chantel Christie.

Yes, Chantel DID call Laura up, so it’s not as if Laura exactly went chasing after the young woman and forced her to spill all of her family secrets. But still, Laura was licking her chops as soon as Chantel reached out and Laura couldn’t wait to turn the conversation into something that could be used in her campaign against Jackie.

Watch a clip of the meeting that went down between Laura and Chantel:

The backlash has hit hard, and for once, the viewers aren’t coming at Jackie. No, this time the viewers are unloading on Laura and Chantel.

Many viewers feel that Laura’s mind games with Jackie have crossed the line, and that manipulating Jackie’s children is beyond the pale.

Others are blasting Chantel for being so carelessly disloyal to her family. Her mother warned her that Laura did not have good intentions and yet, Chantel couldn’t wait to trot on over and air out all of the family’s dirty laundry.

So now, both Laura and Chantel have been forced to go to the Tweets and make peace with the world.

Here are Chantel’s tweets first:

Whew! Jackie and her daughter sound like they have a black version of Dina and Lindsay Lohan’s relationship. Shit is exhausting.

Laura, meanwhile, hit up Twitter to say she was sorry for HOW she went about getting revenge on Jackie, but not really for plotting revenge in the first place. Kind of like when someone doesn’t apologize for what they said, but “how” they said it.

Laura made the mistake in assuming that the viewing audience’s hatred for Jackie was unsatiable. Unfortunately for her, she had to learn the hard way that Jackie Christie actually could come off as a victim on reality TV.

So yeah, Jackie Christie comes out of this whole situation smelling like roses while Laura and Chantel look like the worst kind snakes to ever slither on earth.

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