Amanda Bynes may be a horrible driver, and she could very well be crazier than the craziest of crazies .. but one thing you will not do, is call her “troubled” and accuse her of getting naked in public. She’s a retired multi-millionaire got dammit, and you will respect her privacy!

In Touch Weekly published a story last week claiming that the 26-year-old actress was parading around a New York City tanning salon recently wearing nothing but her goggles.

A witness allegedly told the tabloid Bynes — who moved to the Big Apple to get away from the drama of Los Angeles and its silly driving laws (and to launch her fashion career, of course) — looked “painfully thin,” “seemed totally out of it,” and “didn’t seem to care that everyone saw her naked.”

The witness added: “She walked out of the room completely naked … She took her time walking back to the Mystic room, dragging her fingers along the wall and smiling at customers who passed her. There was definitely something wrong with her.”

Needless to say … Amanda Bynes is not happy about In Touch’s story, and now she’s reportedly threatening to sue the magazine:

“I’m suing In Touch for printing a fake story,” the furious star told Us Weekly. “I’m not ‘troubled.’ I don’t get naked in public. I’m 26, a multi-millionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy.”

Though Amanda denies being “troubled,” her recent erratic behavior (hit-and-runs, DUIs, driving around smoking weed, locking herself in dressing rooms) has been raising concerns for the past few months.

But just because she’s known for being a crazy person, doesn’t give In Touch the right to make up lies about her.

The CEO of the tanning salon where a “painfully thin” Amanda Bynes allegedly paraded around naked says that the security cameras footage and testimony from his employees will prove that Bynes didn’t do any of that … which means that Bynes could actually have a legitimate lawsuit on her hands.

And by the way, what the hell is a “retired multi-millionaire” and how do we apply for that job since Amanda’s retired from it? Are there any new openings?

Who willingly retires from being a multi-millionare anyway? That seems like the type of job you’d want to keep forever, right?

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