Nicki Minaj loves to play dress up so she decided to relive a few good fairytales in the music video for her new single “Va Va Voom.”

In the video, Nicki imagines herself as a princess in an enchanted forest. She falls in love while wearing Lady Gaga-esque avant garde fashion, but things take a turn for the worse when she’s in the kitchen preparing a feast for her Prince Charming.

A Hunstman barges in and draw a knife on Nicki. Next thing you know, Nicki has been seriously injured and is encased in a glass case, just waiting for her Prince Charming to awaken her from her deep sleep spell.

Confusingly, she then becomes the evil stepmother, in a very Disney villainess-like, form fitting, black number.

Does that mean the Huntsman turned her evil or that becoming evil was the only way she could live a second life? Hype Williams needs to figure this shit out, cause the story he’s put together here makes very little sense.

Watch Nicki’s new video below:

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