Some crazy person who says they’re a psychic (wow, people are really still calling themselves psychic?) is supposedly “in contact” with Steve Jobs‘ ghost, and they say he isn’t having a nice afterlife.

The good news is that the Apple founder is “not in hell,” the so-called psychic says, but “he’s had to do a lot of reviewing of his life. Right now he knows the lesson he has to learn, but he hasn’t learned it yet.”

The psycho psychic person continued, “he’s trying to get out of this man-made hell that he’s in.”

Those ridiculous quotes come from a recent interview between Vice Magazine and Betsy Cohen, a popular psychic medium from New York City, in honor of Steve Jobs Day, which is observed October 16th, thanks to a declaration last year by California Governor Jerry Brown.

Cohen says Jobs has “guides” in the afterlife that are trying to teach him that “survival of the fittest is a made up thing,” kind of of like psychics and their ‘ability’ to ‘speak with the dead,’ right?

Cohen claims she had a “rough couple of days” when she first got in contact with Jobs, who she describes as a “very critical spirit,” and if she had to work with him when he was alive, she would probably end up “crying every day.”

Hmph. We’re sure the feeling is mutual, crazy lady! Besides, everyone knows Steve Jobs was a total a-hole to his employees and was known to curse them out regularly. Nothing hew here.

Cohen also claims that during her “contact” with Steve Jobs’ ghost, when she mentioned Foxconn — the manufacturing company that is responsible for building lots of Apple products, including the iPhone, and has been facing controversy due to violations of human rights — he gave her “a lot of harsh laughter.”

Probably just as much laughter as we would give anyone who would take this psychic business seriously, or someone who legitimately (and proudly) supports Mitt Romney. We’re talking about you Stacey Dash!

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