Just when you think Mitt Romney can’t possibly find a way to embarrass himself in public any more than he already has during the 2012 presidential election, he surprises you with another jaw-dropping gaffe.

Democratic blogs and message boards lit up with the release of a photo that showed very Snooki-colored Mitt Romney chatting it up during a televised debate for Univision.

The Democratic Underground spotted the difference in tones and they did a double take at the suddenly golden-hued Romney.

This was the Republican presidential candidate at the end of August at the Republican National Convention accepting the nomination from his party:

And this is what he looked like Wednesday (Sep 19) at the Juntos Con Romney Rally at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exhibition:

So, unless Mitt Romney somehow spent the last 24 hours in the Nevada desert working on his tan, it’s probably safe to say that Mitt is wearing a fake tanner.

The question is: WHY?

Does he really think that he can win Latino voters over if he’s not as pale? Does he not realize that Latinos come in every hue, from pale like talk show host Cristina Saralegui, to chocolate brown like the late Celia Cruz?

Latino is a culture, not a race, so he’s not winning any “browning” points for looking like a cooked gringo.

Que estupido.

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