Ring the alarm, Mimi’s been through this too long. And she’ll be damned if she lets another mean-spirited tweet rain on her farm.

In the latest episode of Jermaine Dupri‘s web show, Living the Life, (wait, this is still going on?) “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust gets to mouthing off when JD and Bryan Michael Cox catch up with Stevie J‘s latest baby mama the night that the LHHA reunion aired.

The two producers appear to be superfans of the show as they actually stalk Mimi to discuss the latest events on the show. JD even asks Mimi if there’s gold on the end of Stevie J’s dick implying that he can’t figure out why all these broads are fighting over him.

Coincidentally, many wondered if JD himself had the golden stick because there was no other logical explanation for why Janet Jackson would date a troll like him otherwise. But we digress.

We don’t know if Mimi was drunk but the avalanche of curse words she unleashed in the webisode was a complete 180 from the girl who tries to play it cool and classy every week on LHHA.

“All you motherfuckin’ bitches who talkin’ shit about me and my situation, get the fuck out of here! You act like I’m the only bitch that’s been cheated on, all you motherfuckin’ bitches been cheated on! All y’all!” Mimi hollered.

Whoa. Did the spirit of K. Michelle take over her body there for a hot second?

Watch Mimi go off on a mofo in the video below:

Um. Mimi, the problem isn’t that you were cheated on. The problem is that you were cheated on 1,001 times and you kept going back for more. Then you had the nerve to act like you never saw it coming.

And how are you gonna sign up for a reality show and get mad cause people are talking about your filthy, messy love life when you put the spotlight on it in the first place? Dummy.

But in Mimi’s delusional mind, this is what she sees.

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