See, people think life as a gay man consists of nothing more than marathon viewing sessions of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model and Beyonce music on infinite loop. But despite what some may tell you, hostility toward gay men is very, very real.

This is especially true in the black/Latino community where it still, in many ways, is not okay or safe for a man to be openly gay. provides us with the latest evidence of this sad truth with a video of a gay couple trying to order food from a carryout joint, only to be tasered by some street thugs.

After the black gay man is tased and looks for his assailant, he decides to just walk away from the brewing fight with his companion. The tasing thug then chases the couple on the streets with the taser going off saying, “We hate gay people n**ga!!”

Watch the video of the assault by taser of an innocent gay couple below

If a white man did this to a straight black couple, we’d be marching like it was a Trayvon case all over again. Why is it acceptable for black men to assault and harass their fellow black man, just because they’re gay?

This is why Frank Ocean‘s decision was important. There’s a lot of work left to do in the black community when it comes to gay rights.

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