Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta‘s Joseline Hernandez denies being injured after she was randomly attacked by a fan earlier this week at a viewing party for the VH1 reality show.

Though nothing regarding the alleged fight has been confirmed, various Atlanta bloggers reported that a woman approached Joseline at the club where the party was being held, and boldly questioned her about allegedly having an abortion … something that hasn’t been revealed yet on the show, but is speculated amongst viewers following the latest episode in which Joseline admits to being pregnant by producer Stevie J, another LHHA castmate.

Witnesses say the woman asked Joseline why she got rid of the baby, and when Joseline didn’t give her the answer she wanted, she hit her in the face, which caused a big fight between Joseline’s people and the other woman’s people.

Early reports following the incident stated that Joseline had been injured in the brawl, and was rushed out of the building to her car as blood ran down her face, from an apparent scratch.

But Joseline says that’s not the case, and she went on somewhat of a Twitter rant on Tuesday (Jul 3) when she posted a picture of her face, free of any bruises of scars, to prove that the rumors that she was beaten and bloodied are false:

Once again MTO is always getting false statements I should Take y’all To Court For lying lol. Face smooth like a baby

I don’t have to b on this fake a** s**t all day. Is not real… find u a JOB or do something with your lives.

The government make this 4 u dummies that believe this is real life. Please [miss] me with it cause I have work to do

I’m not mad trust. Life is great. I do what I please and don’t give a F Wat u say bout me. Who in the f**k are y’all.

Lmao keep digging your toes while u watch me on love and HipHop Atlanta. And after that most of y’all will be paying to go see me!!!

To keep up with Joseline and this crazy storyline about her love triangle with Stevie J and his baby mama Mimi Faust, and to find out about the alleged abortion, be sure to watch “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” on Monday nights at 8 p.m. on VH1.

According to viewer ratings, close to 3 million people watch the show every week, proving that drama definitely sells.

What do you think about Joseline Hernandez and “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” in general?

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