Whitney Houston‘s good friend and rumored lover Ray J is firing back at claims from Bobby Brown‘s other sister Leolah Brown that he provided the late singer with the drugs that contributed to her tragic death.

On Thursday (Mar 22), news broke that Whitney Houston’s February 11th death was caused by accidental drowning aided by drugs in her system, including some cocaine that she had apparently taken immediately before she got into the bathtub, where her bodyguard found her unconscious.

Leolah Brown (Whitney’s former sister-in-law) was on Dr. Drew to speak about the news, and basically blamed Ray J for Whitney’s death by accusing him of supplying Whitney with the cocaine that coroners say caused her to go into cardiac arrest, pass out, then drown.

“I saw Ray J coming out of the hotel, hiding his head, being pushed into the car,” she told Drew. “Why? I looked and I said, ‘why is he hiding his face?’ He’s always trying to show his face when he’s around Whitney. Why now? Why are you trying to hide now Ray J?”

Now Ray J has spoken out against Leolah’s allegations, calling her interview with Dr. Drew “rife with false statements,” and denying any involvement with Whitney’s recent cocaine use.

And furthermore … Leolah wasn’t even anywhere near Whitney or the Beverly Hilton hotel the day she died. In fact, she and Whitney haven’t even been in contact for over a year!

His reps sent the following statement to Gossip On This:

“Even though Leolah Brown was nowhere near the Beverly Hilton Hotel on the day Whitney Houston died, CNN proceeded to broadcast an interview with Ms. Brown in which she falsely claimed that Ray J was at the hotel and contributed to Whitney Houston’s death.

“Even the most minimal inquiry with anyone actually in contact with Whitney would reveal that Leolah Brown had been out of contact with Whitney for more than a year and was no where near the scene on the day of her death.”

Ray J’s rep also said in another statement to TMZ that he didn’t even know Whitney was using cocaine again, and her allegations that he was to blame for her untimely death are NOT true … because he wasn’t with Houston the day she died. He was in San Diego.

So in other words … Leolah Brown is a big fat liar.

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