Is this what happens when you leave a group of elderly people alone in one room together?

A bunch of old people in a nursing home get loose as a goose, with their red solo cups raised high, in Lil Jon‘s new video for his latest single “Drink,” featuring LMFAO.

The clip starts off with nursing home staff leaving the elderly people alone in a lounging area. That’s when the old folks pull out the boombox and start dancing to music by the King of Crunk and the Party Rock Boys, turning the lounge into a makeshift nightclub for geriatrics!

When one of the nursing home orderlies returns to the “lounge,” the old folks are back in their normal stances, as if nothing ever happened.

Overall, the video — which features lots of booty shaking, grinding, make-out sessions, thongs, contortion tricks and shirtless old men — is a little awkward and a bit gross, but still extremely hilarious all at the same time.

“The director [Ballard C. Boyd] had the conception for a bunch of old people wailing out and I said, ‘That’s cool but disgusting at the same time,’ but I don’t think it is as bad as it could be,” Lil Jon told The Huffington Post exclusively.

“I think it makes them seem cool as hell,” Jon said. “They were initially reserved, but then they were having the time of their lives. They weren’t really drinking, but I think it shows people like to get a little bit crazy in their elder years.”

Watch the video below:

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