Chris Brown — who scored his first ever Grammy win Sunday night (congrats!) — has a very important message for his “haters” (aka the people who won’t let him move on from his past mistakes):

Of course Chris deleted the tweet, but that didn’t stop the media from bashing him even further, as they have been doing religiously ever since February 2009.

Popular blogs site Gawker wrote the following yesterday regarding Chris Brown’s controversial tweet:

Chris Brown, domestic abuser and generally awful human, keeps doing this awkward thing where he reminds us how awful he is. Take last night’s tweet, which he deleted soon after it was posted, as the latest example. Sorry, domestic abuser Chris Brown, but we are allowed to hate you. You objectively suck as a human! Please fuck off.

Damn! As we said on our Facebook page last night, “When did it ever get that serious?!?”

We asked our Facebook fans to share their thoughts on the media’s constant attacks about Chris Brown. One reader put it best:

“Unfortunately it’s something that will never go away…while I think its terrible what happened between them, he has paid for his crime and its time for his critics to let it go. One of the prices of being a celebrity it having every high and low u have in life open for everyone to speak on. Some of those lows can cast a shadow over your career….”

What do you think? Will Chris Brown ever be forgiven for his past … or will this “dark shadow” be cast over his career for the rest of his life? Don’t be afraid to give us your opinions in the comments below!

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