Despite the fact that Drake‘s Take Care is projected to sell over 700,000 copies, Lil Wayne isn’t stressing over album sales, whether they’re good or bad.

In a recent interview with MTV, the Young Money head honcho says that he doesn’t get caught up in having high expectations for his artists:

“As far as expectations, we don’t have those around here. Expectations are a weakness in the music business because if you expect anything, 10 times out of 10 it’s not gonna happen, so we don’t have expectations around here.”

Instead … Weezy and the rest of his label expects respect overall from the music they release.

“What we do expect is … to work very hard and we expect people to respect our hard work and our effort. Now as far going to buy the album, as far as going to get 750,000 copies, that’s never a problem with us; that’s never important to us. Pardon me for sounding however I sound with this statement, but we rich as sh–, so numbers and record sales that doesn’t matter to none of us.

“Their man goal is to get a point across and once that’s done…..the mission is accomplished. We just want to get a perfect point across, a swell opinion across. We want our opinion to be different from everybody else’s opinion, but so different and so great that everybody else joins that opinion. And if we get that done with the album, mission accomplished.”

We respect Lil Wayne putting more focus on his artists making a quality piece of work versus being solely concerned on selling out shelves. Kudos!

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