Have you seen Lindsay Lohan‘s teeth lately?!?

Either she’s not practicing proper oral hygiene (like at least brushing once a day) … or she’s doing meth (or something), because no one with a bank account with more than 5 digits should have chompers that look like that!

The 25-year-old troubled actress flashed a very unattractive smile at an event in Los Angeles (R) last week, and her teeth appear uneven and yellow with stains, a stark contract from the pearly white teeth she flashed earlier this year (L).

Dr. Irwin Smigel, celebrity dentist and creator of Supersmile, told the NY Daily News:

“Lindsay’s right central tooth is chipped, giving the impression of a space. She has what looks like tartar between her [two front teeth]. The yellowish brown stains are from smoking and very poor oral hygiene. To correct it, first she would need to have a thorough cleaning and I would also do some X-rays to see if there is extensive decay or a severe gum condition.”

It’s no secret that Lilo smokes cigarettes, and cancer sticks are known to cause teeth yellowing. She could also be drinking excessive amounts of red wine, coffee and other dark colored-liquids.

Or even worse … she could be doing METH! (Because we know plenty cigarette smokers and coffee drinkers with pearly white teeth)

What do you think?

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