But probably not the kind of “HUGE” tip you’re thinking! This one just involved words. Harsh words!

A waitress at a Seattle restaurant recently posted the “tip” she received from a patron — instead of actually tipping her, he told her to lose weight.

According to her Facebook page, Victoria Liss waited on one Andrew Meyer at Bimbo’s Cantina on Friday night. Instead of tipping her at the end of his meal, he wrote on the check, “P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds.” Helpful! I’m sure Meyer’s weight-loss advice will be far more useful to Liss than any amount of money.


Along with the photo of the “tip,” Victoria posted the following to her Facebook:

Oh Friday! and the best part is he was dressed like that gay kid on Glee. Yuppie scum! Also, he picked up my tip jar that had $1.25 in quarters in it and shook them into his pocket. Wow.

Which spawned 50+ awesome comments form her Facebook friends, and we picked out the best 10:

Michael Strangeways: I hope he does this sometime to a waiter in NYC…they wouldl run him down in the street and a** rape him with a corkscrew…gawd, I love New York!

Dre Gordon: F**k that dude.

Nicole Des Rosier: What Dre said. +he’s stupid & can’t spell & I curse him to a diarrhea weekend.

Peter Benjamin Farrar: Take comfort in the fact that wicked people like that lead miserable lives brought on entirely by themselves. Karma’s a bitch.

Jade Hampton: Andrew Fuckface Myer eats spit

Charlene Summer Benjamin: I wish someone would do that to me! It would give me the perfect reason to take out all of this pent up waiter rage I’ve been harboring for over a decade. One of the many reasons I think servers and bartenders should get to carry guns.

Nick Scholl: At the risk of being pedantic, I’d like to point out that he spelled it “loose” when it should be “lose.”

Alysia Angel: If I had this guy’s address I would sign him up for plumpers magazine TO START, followed by Lane Bryant since they sell your name to every low brow polyester blend mail order fat lady clothing in the whole USA.

Story S: i just sent him a f**ked up facebook message! i also reported him lol

Asher Vast: We know where he works and we know his full name. This is enough to start some sh*t for him at work.

The power of social media. We have a feeling this guy has since deleted his Facebook … or something.

What an a**-hole though, right?

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