What is this world we live in coming to?

The father of a Pullman Elementary School student filed a lawsuit Monday in Cook County Circuit Court alleging that repeated sexual abuse suffered by his 12-year-old daughter could have been prevented.

According to the lawsuit, the student, referred to in the court filings as Jane Doe, was “lured” in to a closet at the West Pullman school by two classmates and assaulted on numerous occasions.

The lawsuit casts blame on school officials and the Chicago Board of Education for failing to protect the student.

“Sexual relations, during school hours, amongst pre-teens does not occur without the existence of negligent supervision,” the lawsuit states.

The father is asking for damages in excess of $100,000.


While we think asking for $100K is a bit much (sounds more like a payday opportunity than “justice “) … we definitely hold the school AND the school board responsible for this!

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