What. The. F*ck!

We’ve officially seen (and heard) it all…

A 36-year-old woman (Yes people, believe it or not, this really is a woman!) is facing some serious charges after raping and sodomizing a teen boy. Did we forget to mention she also tricked him into giving her all of his money out of his piggy bank, AND bragged about what she did?

A St. Louis woman was charged today with statutory rape, child molestation and sodomy after she was accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in her neighborhood.

Charged is Levetrea Dione Atkins, 36, of the 5700 block of Theodore Avenue in St. Louis. Court documents describe the boy as developmentally delayed.

The boy told authorities Atkins persuaded him to get money from his piggy bank and give it to her on June 24, according to court documents. Then she molested, sodomized and had sex with the boy, the filing says.

Neighbors reported what happened to the teen’s father after Atkins bragged about it, documents say.

A cash-only bond has been set at $150,000. Atkins was not in custody early Thursday evening.


In a weird way … this lady looks a lot like Lil Twist, doesn’t she?

Shame on you, Levetrea! (And your name sounds like a a medicine for erectile dysfunction LOL)

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