Nothing says I love you like a pre-nup, and recently wed reality star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has protected her estimated wealth of $35 million by signing one with her new hubby NBA player Kris Humphries, whose net worth is in the single digits, at $8 million.

Los Angeles based Greenberg Glusker law firms family wealth planner Laura Zwicker shared the following with The Hollywood Reporter:

Zwicker tells us not to assume that Humphries, an NBA free agent, is necessarily the loser here. The attorney points out that Kardashian has a knack for getting into all sorts of legal trouble from her business ventures, which means she could be one adverse judgment away from seeing her fortune seriously diminished. “He could actually benefit if it clearly delineated that debts and liabilities are actually hers,” says Zwicker.

On the other hand, perhaps it’s not Kim who needs the protection, but other family members who are entangled in business ventures with the 30-year-old personality. Under California law, increases in value of a joint venture during a marriage are considered a couple’s community property, unless otherwise waived in the pre-nup. In other words, the deal may go well beyond protecting the $35 million or so in assets, it might reach further to safeguard the entire Kardashian fortune.

We understand the whole concept or protecting your assets … but whatever happened to good old fashioned love & trust?!?

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