Hard work never ends and the hardest woman in broadcasting — Oprah Winfrey — is admitting that fact.

A fan took to Twitter to ask the one-time talk show host if she was “frazzled” by her OWN network’s performance thus far, as it has struggled with ratings since its launch on January 1st.

“Nope, not frazzled. And I have faith that if I do what I’m supposed to — allow it to serve my purpose, and you, the viewer — it will succeed. Everyone in the cable business told me it would take 3 years. Some said 5. I’ve been here a week”, she responded.

She later took to her Facebook page and admitted, “I will say this; it’s 10 times harder than doing my daily show. Doing that show felt like breathing everyday. Now I’m in so many meetings I sometimes have to step out and catch a breath.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award winner never got where she is today by letting the little things phase her.

“But I see every challenge as an opportunity. So no shortage of opportunities here,” she says. “I know the same is true for your life. My experience is a network, yours is whatever is calling you right now. Get clarity. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Don’t be defeated by mistakes. Learn from them. We have a new motto … ‘The next right decision’ … what is it?”

If anyone can make a success of something, it’s Oprah!

Do you think Oprah’s OWN television station will succeed?

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