Charlie Sheen had some pretty disturbing (and strange) thoughts as a child. At the tender age of 14 years old, he predicted that he would “go crazy” in a journal entry written in a diary that’s up for auction.

“Often I feel that I’m gonna go crazy. I really don’t know why either. Maybe it’s because of school or the world we live in today. I know it sounds kind of stupid but who knows maybe someday I’ll just go whacko,” he writes in the first entry.

The journal entries were written between the years of 1979 and 1980 while Charlie was a freshman in high school, and in them, the then teenager discusses various disturbing topics, including torture and rape.

In the 35-page diary, written by Sheen between the years of 1979-1980, the then teenager also discusses various disturbing topics, including torture and rape.

In fact, some of the phrases, words and terminology he uses in the entries are eerily similar to the ones he’s been using all year in regards to that whole Charlie Sheen vs. CBS, “Two and a Half Men” and Chuck Lorre thing.

In an October 1979 entry, he writes:

“People that act so hot should have their mothers raped by 7 Hell’s Angels in front of them. That’s not all. I also think they should be cut in half at a rate of 1 inch per second, and be viciously tortured for three straight days by means of fire.”

Charlie also heavily discusses death and the concept of dying in the journal. He writes in a November 1979 entry:

“When I’m all alone, I think about death,” he writes in November 1979. “It’s really weird. I mean you wonder what happens when you die. How do I feel when I’m all alone … well, it’s weird, I kind of don’t feel anything. A lot of times, I think about dieing [sic]. Do you go to some magical palace and live in ecstasy all eternity or do you go into a state … of total pain?”

He also makes fun of mental illness, just like he did on various radio/TV interviews this year.

“It’s all in your head! Car sickness and mental diseases are all in your head,” he writes. “People just simply get carried away and think in exaggerated form and blow things up like a balloon.”

Charlie even wrote about a “dream vacation,” which he described as “one with a harem of 40 beautiful girls all In Hawaii.” Sound familiar? It should. He is a “rock star” in bed, after-all.

The journal, which has “Charlie Estevez” (Charlie Sheen’s legal name) written on it, along with some hand-drawn pictures, including a drawing of a “Warlock,” are all currently up for auction and are expected to sell for thousands.

“That warlock drawing is pretty neat,” Auctioneer Nate D. Sanders told “And he’s still talking about warlocks. I would think for most people what they’re thinking at age 14 would change by age.”

Sounds like Charlie Sheen is still trapped in his 14-year-old mind, doesn’t it?


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