Sh*t almost hit the fan this past Wednesday ( April 27), when Paris Hilton and her uber wealthy boyfriend Cy Waits showed up to an L.A. courtroom to testify against an alleged home intruder.

While on their way inside the courthouse, an over eager fan broke through a group of photographers and threw water in Waits’ face and grabbed the nightclub owner by the neck. Hilton’s kick ass security team quickly intervened and subdued the attacker. (Code for whooped that ass!)

“That other psycho intruder just punched Cy in the back of the head as we were walking into the court house,” Hilton, 30, tweeted. “So scary!”

Shortly after the incident, it was confirmed that the attacker is the same guy who showed up at Hilton’s house a few months back.

“After the attack, they realized he is the same intruder that showed up to her home on a bicycle a few months ago,” Hilton’s rep said. “They are both a bit shaken up but thankful security acted quickly.”

The creep, later identified as Jim Rangford, told E! News that he simply wanted an autograph from Hilton — and to ask her father, Rick, for permission to pop the question. “So creepy seeing that guy in court today. It sent shivers down my spine,” Paris said after the incident.

SMH … Only in L.A.

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