Although real estate mogul Donald Trump is considering running in the primary for the Republican presidential nomination, the ‘Apprentice’ star failed to mention that he hasn’t voted in primary elections for more than two decades, according to the New York City Board of Elections.

According to board spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez, the last time Trump voted in a primary election was back in the 1989 New York City mayor’s race – when Rudy Giuliani beat businessman Ronald Lauder. After that, Donald didn’t vote in a primary for over 20 years!

Records also show Trump skipped the 2002 general election, when Republican incumbent Gov. George Pataki defeated Democrat H. Carl McCall – -although Trump claims he’s voted in every general election.

“You’re going to pay a big price because you’re wrong,” Claims Trump. “I have records that I voted and so does the Board of Elections … I signed in at every election.”

His lawyer, Michael Cohen, defended Trump’s voting practices Saturday. “For one of the greatest international businessmen who travels all over the country and the world, his voting record is very, very good,” Cohen said.

Yet another hole poked in the many lies of Donald J. Trump. (Sigh)

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