So is Lindsay Lohan REALLY changing her name to a single, informal moniker? Not so, says daddy Lohan!

Michael Lohan has officially gone on record denying reports that his troubled daughter Lindsay intends to drop her last name.

“It is ridiculous,” he tells of his ex-wife Dina’s claim that their daughter’s professional stage name — a-la- Madonna — is now simply ‘Lindsay.’

“It amazes me that Dina would say something ridiculous like this,” he says of his ex-wife, Lindsay’s mother. “I have tried and I will continue to try to get therapy for the entire family so that Dina can let go of her hostility.”

Mike goes on to note that last month Dina was also quoted as stating their son Michael planned to change his last name.

“I would seriously question Lindsay ever considered something like this, as I would the rest of my family,”

Lohan also went on to deny reports that he hit up Lindsay for bail money after his recent arrest.

“I never ask Lindsay for a penny and I’m the one who pays for most of her bills,” he claims. “I’m certainly not living hand-to-mouth.”

Hmph, and you thought your family had problems. Just take a long, hard look at the Lohan family! “Problems” ain’t even the word, smh…

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