Bret Michaels has taken credit for some of Charlie Sheen‘s reckless behavior.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the 48 year-old rocker admitted to teaching Sheen how to “smash” up hotel rooms because he “wasn’t doing a good job at first.”

“I said, ‘You gotta really let it out man! You gotta let it out and bust this stuff. He showed me how to do films and make money, and I showed him out to lose a lot of money by smashing up hotel rooms.”

Michaels also weighed in on whether or not he thinks his good friend Charlie is winning at the moment.

“I don’t know if he’s winning or losing. maybe he’s just spilling out what he’s going through right now.”

Why are we not surprised by any of this?? These two right here are probably a deadly combination when put together.

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