Richard Hatch, the shmuck who won a cool $1 million on the 1st Season of Survivor, surrendered to U.S. marshals Monday (March 14) to begin a 9-month prison sentence for not paying taxes on the prize money.

This comes as a major setback for Hatch, who  is currently a contestant on Donald Trump’sCelebrity Apprentice, and although most of the season has already been taped … the show’s finale will be aired LIVE  in a couple of months. And Hatch won’t be able to make it (for obvious reasons).

Hatch had  tried to delay the prison sentence by asking a judge to delay his surrender until he could get his business affairs in order, but unfortunately for him, the judge shot down the request.

What shame. Hatch went from surviving the jungle, to now trying to the survive the cell block. Don’t drop the soap playboy!


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