Looks like the ongoing feud between Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen is far from over.

Recently, Sheen fired off a massive $100 million dollar lawsuit against Lorre and Warner Brothers, accusing the pair of conspiring to kick him off his former hit show Two & A Half Men”, which Lorre serves as executive producer on.

Well, apparently Chuck wasn’t too fond of Sheen’s accusations and responded with a few of his own.

Lorre’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, tells TMZ:

“The allegations in the complaint against Mr. Lorre are as recklessly false and unwarranted as Mr. Sheen’s rantings in the media.” Weitzman continues, “These accusations are simply imaginary.  This lawsuit is about a fantasy ‘lottery’ pay-day for Charlie Sheen.” Adding, “Chuck Lorre’s concern has been and continues to be about Mr. Sheen’s health.”

At this point, we’re pretty sure EVERYONE in America’s concern has been and continues to be Mr. Sheen’s health. Get well soon Charlie! S … M … H….

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