Often controversial Nation of Islam Leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, made it abundantly clear he doesn’t think too highly of R&B’s screeching singing princess Rihanna. While delivering a four hour speech in the Windy City this past Sunday(Feb 27th),  in front of 18,000 onlookers the Muslim leader openly criticized Riri’s performances  and referred to her loyal fans as “Swine”.

Farrakhan says hr considers Rihanna’s performances to be “filthy,” and believes that people who enjoy such antics are “swine,” a description he also applied to the LGBT community.

Shortly afterwards the Def Jam songstress caught wind of the Minister’s comments and tweeted the following:

Farrakhan’s dead wrong for referring to the “Rihannanavy” as swine, but hit it right on the money about those God awful performances. You remember her at All-Star? Sounded like 3 kittens getting slaughtered. Just wrong!


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