Oprah Winfrey made a shocking revelation yesterday: that she has a long lost half-sister! The 56-year-old TV titan proudly introduced her sister Patricia, who was given up for adoption by their mother when Oprah was only 9 (back in 1963), to the world on Monday’s (Jan 24) episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Oprah and her sister met for the very first time (in person) on Thanksgiving Day.

Seeing as Oprah is one of the richest people in the world, one would assume that Patricia’s first line of business would be to sell her story to a national magazine or some sort of tabloid for a large sum. However, that was not the case when it came to Patricia.

“All Patricia wanted was the truth,” an insider told our buds over at Pop Eater. “She wasn’t interested in selling her story even for a million dollars. She just wanted to know who she was, where she came from and if she had any brothers or sisters. She had no idea when she started this search she would end up being Oprah Winfrey’s half-sister.”

“No one knows what the future holds for the family. Patricia doesn’t want a dime from Oprah and certainly wasn’t going to take money from a tabloid whose offers are now pouring in,” the insider continued.

Just to put things in perspective, an interview with Oprah’s new-found half-sister would be worth around $1 million dollars, according to an influential tabloid editor.

We have a feeling just because Patricia respected her sister’s privacy and reputation, the Big O is going to look out for her in a BIG way. Probably even much more than $1 million dollars worth!

Your thoughts?

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