Oprah Winfrey isn’t the biggest fan of the “Bride of Chucky” … but she sure does love her some mac n cheese!

In an interview airing this Monday on “Piers Morgan Tonight”, the media mogul revealed how the 1998 comedy/horror film caused her to scarf down 30 pounds of macaroni and cheese. (Yes, we said 30 pounds!)

Find out how (and why) she did that below:

“When I did the movie ‘Beloved’ which I had and still have a passion for in 1998. I’m not in the movie business; I did this movie because I was passionate about it. I didn’t know you had that weekend and that is it. So, I am thinking that if people don’t go see it this week, they’ll go next weekend. It premiered on a Friday and I remember hearing on Saturday morning that we got beat by something called Chucky. I didn’t even know what Chucky was. So, I asked my chef at the time to make some macaroni and cheese…and I ate about 30 pounds worth. I’m not kidding!”

Since then, Oprah has learned a huge life lesson….always learn from your mistakes.

“I think the way life is set up, for most people who have the opportunity to succeed, is that if you get the lesson, you don’t have to repeat that again.”

Hopefully eating 30 pounds of mac is also on Oprah’s never-to-do again list. Where they do that at??? (LOL)

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