T.I.‘s wife can’t keep her hands off of him…….literally!

The rapper and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, got into big trouble with officials at the Arkansas prison facility where he is currently serving time after guards caught the newlyweds getting a little too “freaky-deaky” during visiting hours.

Details are below:

According to TMZ, T.I. and Tiny were alone in a room together during normal visiting hours, and during their brief solitude, some things that shouldn’t have gone down….went down. Way down. Down into his pants. In other words, Tiny got a little too “hands on” with her hubby “down there,” if you know what we mean, and obviously, the freaky couple got caught in the act.

Tiny confirmed that this really went down, and says that Tip was punished by being sent to a “Special Housing Unit” that is much more strict than the unit he was previously staying in. She says she hasn’t spoken to her husband since the incident, but is hoping to see him again soon. “No Hands” the next time though….

What are your thoughts?

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