R&B music legend Aretha Franklin is currently battling cancer, as confirmed by the Queen of Soul‘s family in a statement released yesterday. Though her family didn’t reveal what type of cancer she is battling, it’s being widely reported that Franklin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and the emergency surgery she underwent last Thursday (Dec 2) was related to that.

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In much sadder news, a report from the National Enquirer says that Ms. Franklin’s form of cancer is incurable, and the R&B legend has less than a year or so to live. The survival rate of pancreatic cancer is just 5-10%.

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According to the report, family and friends close to the Queen of Soul are “very concerned,” but say she is doing “okay.” Family expressed hopes to FOX that fans of Aretha, 68, will send prayers and good thoughts.

In a post at PopCrunch, a National Enquirer story (not available online) is cited saying Franklin’s cancer is pancreatic. The same report notes sources saying Aretha has less than a year to live.

“Though the Enquirer is known for its often-outlandish take on unbiased journalism,” PopCrunch writes, “it should be noted that the publication was the first in the world to report Patrick Swayze and Michael Landon’s battles with pancreatic cancer, a disease that has a less than 10 percent survival rate and ultimately killed both actors. They also blew the lid off Christina Applegate’s breast cancer scare in 2008.”

FOX 2 in Detroit was unable to confirm the specific type of cancer. Franklin underwent a “highly successful” surgery last week, though the cause was not revealed.

We are DEFINITELY keeping Aretha Franklin and her family in our prayers right now, as you should too. This is some terrible news…

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