While Bishop Eddie Long didn’t necessarily “deny” the allegations brought against him by four young men (who say he enticed them to have sex with him in exchange for money/gifts), the New Birth Missionary Pastor did say in his sermon last week (Sun. Sep 26) that he will “fight” the charges……and apparently he’s doing just that!

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Bishop Long has reportedly hired famous private investigator T.J. Ward to help him investigate the sex allegations made by Jamal Parris (23 years old), Anthony Flagg (21), Maurice Robinson and most recently Spencer LeGrande. LeGrande is from Bishop Long’s satellite church in Charlotte, NC while the other three guys are from New Birth in Atlanta.

He’s investigated some of the highest profile missing persons cases in the country. The disappearance of Natalee Holloway made private investigator T.J. Ward a superstar on cable news. Now he’s been hired by Bishop Eddie Long.

11Alive News spoke to Ward in his Duluth home. “I was called by attorney Dwight Thomas,” Ward said. “They said they needed somebody that was experienced in doing investigations to look into these allegations that have been brought against Bishop Eddie Long and the church.”

Dwight Thomas stood behind Long as he held a press conference inside New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia on Sunday. Ward has been been hired by the Bishop’s team to investigate each of the allegations made against Long and to investigate the four young men making the claims. “Each of these charges is frivolous and we plan to address them accordingly,” Ward said.

This is a time when the tables will be turned. The four accusers have made shockingly intimate sexual allegations against their church leader. Now it’s Ward’s turn to delve deep into their lives, their pasts, to defend his client. Whatever he finds will be used to help Eddie Long.

Dayummm, this sounds like it’s about to get EXTRA serious!!!

We also hear that Long’s Atlanta preacher friends support him, and about 30 of them met with him Tuesday night for a prayer service at New Birth. Wonder what that was all about???

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