This drama surrounding Mel Gibson and his ex, Oksana Grigorieva has been the biggest news as of lately after audio leaked of Mel making racial slurs and admitting to knocking her teeth out. Most people believe that Mel Gibson’s career is completely over and no one other than Whoopi Goldberg has come to his defense. This woman had the nerve to say: “I don’t like what he did here, but I know Mel, and I know he’s not a racist. He may be a bonehead. I can’t say he’s a racist having spent time with him in my house with my kids. Make no mistake (he’s not a racist).”


Clearly, alot of people weren’t happy with Whoopi coming to Mel Gibson’s defense, and now Whoopi is pissed that people are pissed with her. So on The View this morning

Peep the video (at the 1 minute mark) below:

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