There’s been some bazaar chatter about 50 Cent leaving his deal with Interscope to sign a new deal with Craig Davis and Capitol Records. So here’s a breakdown. Craig Davis, VP of Urban Promotions for Capitol, recently said during a radio interview that a deal had been finalized with 50:

“50 felt he needed to get out of the Interscope machine, and he wanted a change. So he got his release from there and we were in negotiations with him. The deal just got signed very recently.”

Based on this, it sounds like 50 Cent is moving on, but the rapper himself spoke on the matter and begs to differ. He says that Davis is lying and that no deal has been signed. But that’s the nice version of his quote. Peep the real thing below:

“He (Davis) is an idiot and there’s no deal done. Out of nowhere he comes out, and you can tell he’s drunk or some s**t. All the success I’ve had has been with Interscope.”

What do you guys think about this? Who should we believe? Is Craig Davis lying or is 50 Cent mad that Davis let some info out of the bag prematurely?


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