Actress Megan Fox didn’t grow up like most children playing with barbie dolls and choo-choo trains, the former transformer star was into something way bigger and badder……guns!!! In a recent interview with MTV News, Fox talked about her experience with guns at an early age.

“When I was 5 and 6 years old, [my dad and I] went target shooting with shotguns. So I’ve handled a gun before – an enormous shotgun – when I was a little kid.

“I grew up in Tennessee, and my dad, as a hobby, is a duck hunter. He used to go kill ducks and bring them home, and we would eat them for the dinner … We would barbeque them.

“But the interest in guns didn’t last. As a grown adult, I don’t mess around with guns at all. I have a fear of them.”

Megan, we knew you were a bad a** from birth!!

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