Gary Coleman‘s ex-wife Shannon Price is as SHADY as they come. The trifling heffa hired a production company to take pictures of the actor as he lay on his deathbed, and according to TMZ, she sold some of the pictures to an unnamed tabloid, who will most likely publish the pictures as early as this week, for five figures!

Price sold a series of 4 pictures, with 3 out of 4 showing a dying Gary Coleman hooked up to a ventilation machine just moments before the greedy woman, who is said to be featured in one of the photos, pulled the plug on him. The other photo, which was excluded from the sale, shows Coleman’s lifeless body in his bed.

Meanwhile, Shannon recently told Good Morning America that she and Gary talked things out after their divorce and decided that they had made a mistake in ending their marriage, so they had plans of getting re-married before his untimely death last month.

“We decided that wasn’t what we wanted,” she said of their 2008 divorce. “We just had a disagreement and after we both filed and it went through we decided it wasn’t the right choice.”We were gonna renew our vows soon but our health issues got in the way, so we weren’t able to do that. Every couple has their moments but we loved each other. It was golden. He was always my husband regardless of the divorce and what people say.”

Guess since she couldn’t get married she decided it’d be best to make some money off of Gary’s death by selling pictures of him in his last moments. How classy and thoughtful of her! Not…

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