Lately, rapper Lil Kim hasn’t been feeling Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj all that much! In a video clip from a concert Thursday night (Jun 3) at the Fillmore in New York, Lil Kim and Ray J fired shots at Nicki for stealing Kim’s style and not paying any homage to the longtime female rapper.

Ray J: “It’s a lot of people trying to bit styles and sh**. I aint saying no names, but you know who…”

Lil’ Kim: “We love her! We just want them to pay homage, so we could all rock together. It’s all about respect. You respect me, I respect you. If you don’t respect me then f**k you.”

Wowzers! Is there some kind of beef going on between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj? We’re not sure… but we’ll definitely keep you updated on any news related to the matter.

Check out footage from three separate concerts below:

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