Nick Cannon may be happily married and without a worry in the world these days, but according to the TV personality himself, it wasn’t always that way. In a recent interview with George Lopez on his hit late-night talk show “Lopez Tonight”, Nick talked about everything from his long-time crush on Mariah Carey (who he now calls his wife) to his embarrassing experience after losing his virginity to an older woman.

On his long-time crush on his now wife Mariah Carey:
“People would ask me ‘Who’s your celebrity crush?’ and I would be like ‘Mariah Carey!’ But I never thought that I would actually have the opportunity to meet her and then marry her. I mean like come on, that’s crazy. But then she had heard about all the nice things I was saying in the media and how she was my celebrity crush, and one day she just asked me to be in her video. And then we hit it off on set and like the rest is history.”

On losing his virginity:
“We was (sic) in this sleeping bag and I thought I was doing what they were doing on Cinemax (soft porn films), (but) I was using all the wrong terms and everything. I was like, ‘We should change position,’ and she was like, ‘Just get off me!’ She ran into the bathroom with all her friends and they was (sic) in there laughing and I just felt like I’d disappointed God, I’d disappointed my family, our family name. But I vowed from that day forward, no woman would ever laugh at me in the sack again. And that’s when the Cannon was born, baby.”

Check out a video clip of Nick on “Lopez Tonight” below:

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