Rapper Bow Wow is refuting against claims that he “accidentally” asked one of his 430,000 plus followers for some “dome,” which is a slang term for oral sex. According to Bow Wow, the screenshot of the alleged tweet that made its way around the web last week is a doctored Photoshop image and isn’t real:

“The tweet that was posted was photo shopped. Just recently I did an interview on how I never pay for sex [Ozone’s Sex issue], so I guess someone felt the need to write some bogus tweet before my original tweet,” Bow Wow told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive statement. “I have damn near have 500,000 followers on Twitter. If I were to tweet such foolishness it would have been all over Twitter in a matter of seconds. I don’t know why people feel the need to try to s**t on my name or what I represent. All I want to do is please my fans, make more millions, make sure my family is straight and have fun.

“I’ve never done nothing to no one. I don’t beef with n***as, I don’t waste time blogging about people, I just make hit movies, and #1 records,” Bow Wow told AllHipHop.com. “I don’t know what they are set out to do but it wont work against someone who knows the game and has been successful at it for the past 10 years. No matter how much you dislike me you cant take away that I’ve sold 10 million albums, 6 arena tours, and I’m still here. I came out in 2000, I cant name u 5 artist who are still around from that time, but I am. I’m only 23 the best has yet to come.”

So we’re photo shopping tweets now? Oh, okay…

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