Oprah never fails to amaze us and neither does Pop sensation Justin Bieber! Recently, the two paired up to give three sisters a heart-warming gift of a lifetime. Having missing out on a concert performed by their idol when their father was deployed to Iraq, the girls were rewarded with front-row seats to see the Biebster on “The Oprah Show.” The girls also got to hang out with Justin and ride around with him in a Limo. 9 year old Micaiah, one of the  sisters. said: “That’s where we did most of our talking, and he also sang to us a little bit, and that was awesome.”

But of course you know with Oprah, the fun couldn’t just stop right there. During the episode, the girls’ father appeared live on Skype from Iraq to thank Oprah and everyone else for making his daughters’ dream come true. “Oprah, you just made me father of the year for the next decade.”

Justin topped it off by giving the whole family additional tickets to one of his concerts. “When you get back, we’re going to have five tickets waiting for you and your family to come to my concert on my tour,” the 16-year-old entertainer said.

Awwww, how nice! Justin Bieber and Oprah know how to make us feel all good inside (LOL).

Check out video footage of Justin Bieber’s appearance on Oprah this week below:



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