I’m sure anyone who’s ever read a celebrity entertainment blog knows about the illuminati rumors surrounding artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc. To sum it all up, many believe that Jay-Z, along with many other artists, are part of a group that not only worship the devil but control the music industry and are a huge part of the shadiness of the industry. These rumors have floated around for a very long time and some sites spend time breaking down their videos and finding traces of the illuminati signs in them along with various other deeper meanings.

I’ve never been one to entertain this idea because honestly, I could care less who Jay-Z worships or what any other artist does in their private time. But, recently, a picture of Beyonce at Coachella surfaced and she is shown sporting a ring with a goat head adorned with two horns. Naturally, everyone jumped claiming she was wearing a ring with the head of Baphomet, the figure of Satanism, on her hand.

Before I comment on this whole idea of artists worshipping the devil, I’m going to take a short minute and educate on this so-called Illuminati.

Many people do not know the origin of the Illuminati nor do they even really know what it is. They think it’s just a group that Jay-Z is a part of due to false reporting by various blogs/websites. The Illuminati was actually founded years ago and today, points to an organization that many believe control this country and its corporations (this includes the media, government buildings, etc.). It also refers to the idea of the establishment “New World Order”, a phrase you might have heard various presidents say during speeches. Furthermore, this idea also stretches to Freemasonry and people who are claimed to be a part of the Illuminati include David Rockefeller, the Bush family, Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, etc. The most recognized sign of the Illuminati is the All-Seeing Eye. Not sure what this is? Take a dollar bill and turn it around and you will see Eye of Horus, the All-Seeing Eye. (You will also see the phrase for New World Order. Also, when a star is drawn to separate the eye from he rest of the pyramid, the stars points land on five letters which spell “mason”). This is as much as I will comment on this part as I could write several pages on it. Feel free to research more.

Over the years, many have pointed out that Jay-Z’s “Rocafella” sign is similar to that of the All-Seeing Eye. (Also note that Rocafella sounds a whole lot like Rockefeller). Also, his clothing line “Rocawear” has images of the Eye of Horus on them. This has led many to believe that he is in fact a part of this group. Over time, the rumors have gone a step further by suggesting that he in fact worships Satan. As proof, many point to his lyrics such as the one in “Empire State of Mind” that states, “Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends”.

As time went on, the rumors reached Beyonce. There are claims that her alter-ego “Sasha Fierce” is actually her being possessed by a demon. In a photoshoot for her latest album I Am… Sasha Fierce, Beyonce, as Sasha, is photographed wearing a metal plate with a skull on it. The blogs ran on rumors that this was the face of Baphomet, what many believe to be the image representing Satan. The rumors fueled again this past weekend when she made an appearance at Coachella.

Lady Gaga has been labeled as a puppet for the illuminati ever since she first appeared on the scene. In a number of her pictures, she either hides one eye or circles it, emphasizing the idea of the All-Seeing Eye. She has been seen wearing horns, and what people call the head of Baphomet have appeared in her Bad Romance video. (Note: the director of the Paparazzi and Telephone video has been pictured wearing a shirt with the face of Baphomet… so has Kanye).

Rihanna has been recently dragged into the mix after videos such as “Umbrella,” “Disturbia,” “Run This Town,” and “Wait Your Turn.” If she isn’t playing a possessed dark woman, she looks as if she’s part of some occult. In Umbrella, while covered in black paint, she poses inside of a triangle in a post that looks reminiscent of the Baphomet. Also, on the cover for Rated R, she is covering one eye and does so in other photographs of herself.

I could go on and on with examples for many artists including Lil’ Wayne, The Black Eyed Peas, P!nk, and Omarion, even though he spoke out against it; the head of Baphomet is present in his “Icebox” video. Some even believe the VMAs were one big ritual which included a prayer to the devil and Taylor Swift being initiated into the Illuminati. But let’s stop and think: when does this stop being valid and when does is it simply people reaching for something that isn’t there?

My issue is this: why do we believe whatever we read, whether true or false? We know Beyonce believes in God because she grew up in a church and because she has said so. We have even seen her church, yet we still choose to believe that she worships the devil? Why do we discredit her saying it but give credit to the bloggers who are only theorizing with no concrete evidence? It makes no sense. I find it hard to believe that someone who grew up in a strong Christian home would randomly start worshipping the devil. Why? You may say for fame and fortune but it wasn’t the devil that gave her the voice she has. She’s been singing since she was young so it’s not just talent she picked up when she gave her soul to the devil. The idea that everything someone does must be a symbol for something else is silly and foolish. An analysis of her “Sweet Dreams” video stated that she had Lucifer in the video through the Sun because Lucifer is the god of light. If this is true does that mean it is Satan that gives us the Sun every day? Is that him watching us? Growing our flowers? I ask again: when does this become someone reaching? Because that is exactly what it is.  People choose to see what they want and society has always been that way.

Also, the Baphomet is an image created by man to represent Satan. Can anyone accurately report that this is in fact the way Satan looks? No. So once again, we base our beliefs off man’s interpretation. Last thing I knew from the Bible, Lucifer was actually a beautiful angel before he was thrown down from heaven, not a goat with horns. Also, that outfit Beyonce was wearing was not made by her; it was first worn in a George Michaels video, so how come George Michaels, or the woman who wore it, is not being called out as a devil worshiper, but Beyonce is? Lady Gaga is criticized for the twin pillar image used in her photographs and in her “Paparazzi” performance because it is used in Masonic work. I have twin pillars on my house…does that mean I am involved in Freemasonry? No! Again, this is a case of someone reaching for something that may not be there. If we are to analyze everything, then every design known to mankind will have a relationship to an occult because, believe it or not, triangles, squares, and circles are used in almost any shape. Let’s face it – these artists are not that intelligent (no offense lol) to include all this symbolism in their videos, nor do they have the time to.

I personally believe that these artists are aware of these rumors, so they choose to entertain them. It keeps them relevant and it keeps money in their pockets. Let’s also remember that a lot of these artists do not write their songs nor do they produce them. So why are we pointing fingers at the artists? Shouldn’t the ones to blame be the writers and producers and those who write the treatments for the videos? Why aren’t we saying that Jonas Akerlund is a Satanist since he directed the video? Or that Rico Love is a Satanist because he wrote “Sweet Dreams”?

Theorists state we are being brainwashed by these celebrities but in turn, they are brainwashing us to believe that the world is full of Satanic individuals that are infecting our brains.  For what is supposed to be a “secret society”, these artists aren’t doing a good job because if this is going on, we know, and they are aware that we know. So it’s not so secret is it?

I ask you this: when did we lose our right to be different? Our right to be individuals? And when did we lose our trust in the world or further more, in God (for those who believe in a God)? Why do you care so much about what goes on in the private homes of someone else? Is it that important to your life? I’m sure the answer is no. So move on.

You might be asking “well, what if this is true?” What if it is? So what? These artists are not directing my path in my physical life or my spiritual life and they shouldn’t be doing the same for you. As long as you aren’t going around saying “life starts when the church ends”, you should be fine. In fact, we should be focusing less on the “symbols” in music and more on the Illumanti present in the government because that actually affects you more than you know.

Feel free to leave your comments, opinions, and rebuttals if you have any.

By: Kenni Nwajagu
Contributing Editor for Gossip On This

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