For those who followed this artist on YouTube last year, you will be glad to know that Esha is back! Born Aisha Meacham-Abdullah to Nigerian parents, Esha, 21, took a break last year from YouTube but is finally back and better than ever. Esha has always been around music; her mother came to America as a background singer for a Nigerian group. Esha’s parents recall her learning the song “Let’s Chill” by Guy at the age of 18 months, and by the age of 2, she was standing on her dad’s briefcase and singing. “I didn’t know singing was an actual talent until I was 7 years old. After that it was a wrap,” she told us.

Esha’s number one influence is Michael Jackson because he is mainly what she listened to growing up. Next are Beyonce and Bobby Ray. She has released a pretty damn good mixtape titled “Esha: The Remakes” which you can download here. It features “Bed” (one of her best covers), “Kiss Kiss”, “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”, and more. She has also managed to gain well over 4.9 million views on YouTube, a feat that’s worthy of some props. She has been in touch with many labels through her career and has been reached by music insiders who complement her on her covers. This is not the last we’ve heard of Esha.

Follow the break for Esha’s studio version of “Bed” by J. Holiday, videos, and a short exclusive interview!

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GOT: If you could compare yourself to one artist, who would it be and why?


GOT: If you could compare yourself to one artist, who would it be and why?

ESHA: Bobby Ray. It’s safe to say that I’m a female singing (even though he sings) version of him. And that will be more evident in my music to come. My spirit came to the physical realm to help usher in the evolution of earth’s collective consciousness, and so did his…so did Michael Jackson’s. “This is spiritual ya’ll, I’m wrestling beasts.” – Bobby Ray

GOT: Have you written any songs of your own? If so, where can they be heard?

ESHA: Yeah I have songs online that I recorded a few years back. They aren’t a solid reflection of the music I’ll be putting out in the future. Before Imeem did the move and partnered with MySpace all of my old music was on there. But I have a few on my YouTube page as well as Twitter.

GOT: Have you started to record an album though you do not have a label?

ESHA: Yep. I’m working on an album now. Some would call it a mixtape but it’s all original music so it deserves the respect of an album. It’s actually a collaboration with another singer named Poin Dexter. He’s an amazing artist & you’ll be hearing more of him soon.

GOT: What would you say have been your biggest accomplishments since entering the music scene?

ESHA: Honestly, my biggest accomplishment since entering the music scene is my spiritual development. I’m human, but more importantly I’m a spirit having a human experience. I’m not here to entertain, I’m here to make healing the mind entertaining. If I didn’t realize that, I’d probably have a deal by now, be on the verge of superstar status, and be one lost soul contaminating the minds of other lost souls.

GOT: Have you heard from any of the artists of the songs you have covered on YouTube?

ESHA: I sang “I’ll be in the Sky” by Bobby Ray and sent him a message on MySpace that said “Me singing your song”. His manager was logged on at the time and saw the video, called me the same night and I met Bob the next day at Grand Hustle studios. His manager now manages me and Bob and I are good friends. The man that discovered Rihanna also sent me a message on MySpace and said I killed the “Umbrella” cover. Most of the people that have hit me up to compliment me have been people who are on the teams of the people I sang the covers of.

GOT: Who are you must keen to work with in the industry? (Writers & Producers)

ESHA: Amazing writers and producers that the mainstream has never heard of. Shout out to the writers and producers that make millions, but a bigger shout out to the writers and producers that have yet to.

GOT: Have you been in contact with any labels?

ESHA: Yeah labels have contacted me throughout the years. It’s extremely humbling.

GOT: How hard has it been for you to get yourself out there and noticed?

ESHA: It’s been pretty easy. I’m the type of person though that if it’s not done right, I don’t want to do it at all. Which is why I have yet to come out with my own original project. I’m a perfectionist, and I don’t go by my time, or the industry’s time. The industry will always be there…they will always need a female singer and I will always be here. I work by Kairos, which is Greek for God’s time. So when God wants me to be noticed that’s when it’ll happen. Till then I’m living my life preparing for that time.

GOT: If you could collaborate with one male artist and one female artist, who would they be? Why?

ESHA: Michael Jackson for obvious reasons, and Beyonce. 

GOT: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

ESHA: Ten years from now I see myself as not only a successful artist, but a successful entrepreneur, wife, and mother.

GOT: What is the most important thing you have learned during your journey with music?

ESHA: The most important thing I learned is that I wasn’t given the gift of music to be idolized. I was given the gift of music to show just how diverse, fly, and creative the creator really is. Right now, Hip-Hop is looked at collectively as Satan’s music. Something that will stray you away from happiness, joy, peace and love…things every human strives for. Something that can’t be “conscious” “liberating” and “revolutionary” unless you sound like Talib and KRS One and you rock backpacks. So now, I can’t dress “street”, “urban” “hip” or whatever without being associated with something unholy. Hip-Hop and music period was God’s gift to earth before it was ever Satan’s trap. And I’m here to prove it. So I learned that it’s not about me. There really is a war going on people. And like Sade said, I’m a “soldier of love”.

GOT: Final word from Esha:

ESHA: Fact: Eon’s ago, earth was just a thought. Sleep on it.

By: Kenni Nwajagu
Contributing Editor for Gossip On This

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