Tiger Woods‘ long-winded speech wasn’t accepted by everyone, as noted by mistress No. 10, Playboy model Loredana Jolie Ferriolo. She, along with Tiger’s other mistresses, believes that they deserve their own apology because the one the pro golfer delivered Friday morning didn’t include them. Go figure.

“He didn’t mention anything about the girls [he had trysts with],” the Sicilian-born tomato told The Post, after watching his 11 a.m. press conference. It seems like he was just brushing it off and not getting into it. I think he should’ve mentioned something in regards to the girls — an apology or something.” Ferriolo thought that the horn-dog club swinger owed his list of mistresses an apology because he is responsible for dragging their names into the mud. “He was saying how the media was harassing him and going around after his kids, disturbing his family. But I’m sure all the girls have dealt with the same,” she said. “I have, my life has changed drastically.”

Ferriolo told The Post the whole event seemed phony. “He just didn’t seem genuine enough and it was very much scripted,” the alleged call-girl told The Post. “It just didn’t sound like it came from him, it was more like someone wrote a script and he just read it. I think they wanted to hear more about him going back to play, his fans especially,” she said.

“He was definitely nervous and he kept saying constantly that he needs help, he kept saying that he needs help and needs a lot for guidance and a lot of people’s support, so I believe that’s why it was scripted.”


So now Tiger’s former hoes want an apology too? Sorry girls, it’s not happening. The last thing a man begging for his estranged wife’s forgiveness wants to do is bring up “the past.” And you 14 hoes (who knew this man was married to begin with) are unfortunately a part of that dark past. So we’re sorry … we don’t think you any of you deserve any type of apology. And neither does this guy:

Psychologist Cooper Lawrence argues that Tiger shouldn’t apologize to the mistresses because that’s not what a man does when he is trying to reconcile with his wife. “When you want to save a marriage you have to disengage from your former lovers in every single way. An apology implies he isn’t moving past them and will indicate to Elin that she isn’t special. You do not apologize to mistresses if you want your wife back,” Lawrence says. (POP EATER)

Sorry girls, no apology for you!

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