Word on the sidewalk is that Mary J. Blige embarrassed the mess out of her band during record exec. Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy gala over the weekend. The cold part of all of this is that she did this all live on stage in front of the biggest names in Hollywood. Talk about an awkward moment…

The evening saw Mary J Blige publicly humiliate her band in front of an audience that included recording industry titans and some of the biggest names in rock. The singer lost her cool as, ironically, she was about to sing a song titled No More Drama. As the band struck up the number’s intro, she told the musicians to stop, waved her arms angrily and demanded: ‘Can we get the right music for Mary J Blige?’ She added: ‘Are we practicing still?’

The audience stared at her in disbelief as it is not considered the done thing to criticise your band – all top of the line professionals – at such an event. The room felt cool towards her during her set.

Roger Friedman of the Hollywood Reporter noted that the band played ‘very well’ during rehearsals. Diva she may be but, to be fair to Mary J. Blige, she did sing beautifully and by the time she completed her performance her behaviour towards the band was forgiven and she earned a standing ovation.


Sounds like Mary J doesn’t play any games when it comes to her back up music!

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