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HANDS DOWN, “Avatar” is the best adventure movie I have every seen and very well most likely to be Best Picture of the year. Avatar is a majestic epic in its class, taking you on a journey deep into an alien world where mankind and alien throw down in an classic clash of Cowboys vs Indians; A visual  phenomenon with breath taking CG effects that captured an earthy final fantasy type world full of life, strange creatures, exotic plants, and an intoxicating spectrum of color and movement to the slightest detail. No wonder I was glued to the edge of my seat for the entire 2hr and 4min wishing the end would never come.

Starting off rather fast paced, the film gets straight to the point, with the main character Jake Sully having embarked on a journey that would change his life. On course to the planet Pandora, the epic begins with Sully learning about his Avatar body that he will use to walk among the alien population, an experience that seems quite futuristic no doubt.

James Cameron's "Avatar"

The company he works for seek a precious rock that is found on the strange planet, worth unmeasurable amounts of wealth. But one of the aliens most sacred and spiritual places rests on top of the mineral deposit, causing an epidemic and war. Forced with a decision the native alien species must decide if they will cooperate with their foreign invaders or stand and fight (Bow and Arrows vs Machine Guns) in an epic display of how savage invaders who’ve fallen corrupt to greed will destroy everything, including the innocent, to get what they want.

Meanwhile Sully has to face himself. Does he betray the company who hired him, his people, or will he watch the newly found love of his life and all that she loves burn to the ground over money? The question that will change the fate of two world collided.

Words by: Dwayne Gross
Contributing Editor for Gossip On This

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