Britney Spears out & about in Perth, Australia (November 7th 2009)

When Britney Spears was three songs into her concert in Perth, Australia Friday night she was met with a surprise. Hundreds of fans literally got up out of there seats and walked out of the arena after they spent between $182 and $1370 to see her perform. But why in the world would they leave a concert they dropped an entire stack on???

We’ll tell you why. Because she was lip syncing. (blank stare)

“We are really big Britney fans, but it was crap,” Josh Blee told local reporters. “She has let us down. Added Amanda Hawlet, who drove two hours to Perth’s Burswood Dome, “I want my money back or I want her to sing properly. It cost me half a week’s wage….it was a waste.”

Who would give up half a week’s income anyway? And since when is it “news” for Britney Spears to lip sync at a concert? All Britney fans know that…

Anyway, things have gotten so bad that the Australian government has gotten involved stating that for future reference if she lip syncs any more performances it must be indicated on the ticket.

“Australians would not tolerate a ‘Mickey Mouse’ performance,” Fair Trade Judge told the Sydney Daily Telegraph. “Let’s be clear. Live means live.”

Well what can we say Britney? … Oops you did it again.

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