Brian McKnight // Brian McKnight Promotes "Evolution Of A Man" at J&R Music and Computer World

Wait, Brian McKnight has a talk show???

TMZ is reporting that there’s some craziness going on behind the scenes of R&B singer/songwriter Brian McKnight’s new television show, “The Brian McKnight Show.”

According to the California Labor Board, more than 20 employees have filed non-payment complaints against the McKnight show — totaling $86,300.

But Brian’s people intend to pay — telling us there “was mismanagement in the beginning and since then we have gotten new investors and the show is continuing.”

We didn’t even know Brian McKnight had a talk show to begin with! And apparently he has a radio show too. There’s an official website and everything with information on where and when the radio/tv show airs. All of this is definitely news to us.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of him at J&R Music and Computer World in New York City Tuesday (Oct 27) promoting his new album, Evolution of a Man.

“My latest album is a culmination of how much I have changed,” McKnight said in a recent interview with the Banner. “I just turned 40, and I am a newly single dad after being married mostly during my 20s and 30s. This album is about the next stage in my life.”


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