Halle Berry leaving a friend's house in Los Angeles (October 1st 2009)

Actress Halle Berry was spotted as she left a friend’s house in Los Angeles Thursday (Oct 1).

Halle says she wears about 5 perfumes at a time because she’s very determined to smell unique. So she mixes several different fragrance to achieve that personalized scent.

She said: “I’ve always wanted to have my own scent. When I was younger, I never wanted to smell like every other girl in class. Even as an adult, I’d mix different perfumes together. “Some days it would be great and people would say: ‘Oh, what fragrance is that?’ And I would say: ‘Well, it’s about five different ones!'”

And while we’re on the subject of hygiene and beauty maintenance, she also recently revealed that she doesn’t like to wear a ton of makeup. Why? Because she feels like it makes her look like a drag queen!

“Less is more,” she tells. “When I wear too much, I feel like a man in drag. I much prefer to be low maintenance.”

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