Diddy leaving a restaurant in downtown Manhattan (September 8th 2009)

Hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs was spotted leaving a restaurant in downtown Manhattan Tuesday afternoon (Sep 8).

Diddy recently confirmed to MTV that he’s been in talks with Ma$e about possibly making a return to Bad Boy Records, but he says he’s not looking to add anymore artists to the label’s roster right now.

“Mase has called me,” Diddy said. “We’ve spoken. He’s basically said, ‘Just keep your eye on me. Making this switch, I gotta kinda bear this cross for a second. Just watch what I do.’ I said, ‘I’ve seen.’ He’s definitely one of the dopest MCs to ever touch the game. People can’t deny that. He’s one of the most successful. I’ve seen people come back from different things in this game. I said, ‘Yeah. Without a doubt, I’ll keep my eye on you.’ I spoke to him today. He’s out there working.

“With the future of Bad Boy, I definitely think it’s time for me to come up with a game plan,” he said. “A lot of things have changed. I have a great legacy I have to protect. I’m taking some time. I don’t wanna sign anything new. I wanna focus on this Janelle Monáe album, on this Cassie album, on this Last Train to Paris. Those are the albums I’m focusing on. I’m not making anything new. I wanna come up with a game plan that works going forward with the future of Bad Boy.”

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