Lil Wayne opens his birthday gift - $1,000,000

Hey, guess what?! Lil Wayne‘s Rebirth album might not even be coming out. The LP, which has been pushed back more times than we can count, has a new November 2009 release date but we’re just gonna go out on a limb here and say don’t get your hopes up too high. Because come October or November (or even sooner) you may either hear that the album has been shelved or pushed back … again. But we could be wrong. We’re just saying … don’t set yourselves up for disappointment by getting your hopes up for an album that’s been “finished” for nearly a year and has yet to see the light of day…

“Honestly, I’m just starting up this Young Money label and I’m trying to get my artists down right. Get everybody together,” Weezy told MTV News. “Once I got that together, then I could work back on me. I’m a very humble person. I know once I get to it, I’mma get to it. So like I was saying, it’s Young Money time, so making sure my artists get their just due.”

Download Weezy’s new track, “Million Dolla Baby” below. The song, produced by Just Blaze, takes shots at radio personality turned late-night talk show host Wendy Williams with the lines: “F*ck Wendy Williams that b*tch look like a dude / Her body look chewed and her hair looks glued.” Damn!! He also talks about getting head like 6 midgets and all kinds of crazy Wayne stuff. You just have to take a listen for yourself below.


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