Sherri ShepherdTwitter is a pretty good way for celebrities and other public figures to stay in touch with their fans. But it can also get you caught up, as The View’s Sherri Shepherd recently found out after her trainer caught her cheating on her diet via the popular social website. Oops!

“This weekend, I was out in L.A., and I’m tweeting about [how] I had fried calamari and I had some buffalo wings and I just went totally off my diet. And it was great!” The View cohost said on the talk show Monday. “I did not know that my nutritional coach and my trainer follow me.”

Shepherd, 42, tweeted on Sunday that she “messed up a little last night … had fried calamari and fried catfish – gotta stay away from the soul food! Back on track today – gym at 3 pm.”

But before she could make up for her transgressions, she’d been discovered. “Ain’t this a blip! I was planning on fibbing 2 my trainer & nutritional coach about what I ate this weekend – but they follow me,” she tweeted later that day.

Her next meal out? Lighter soul food, thanks to her vigilant trainer. “Ordered chicken legs and thighs … the evil one (my trainer) made me take the skin off. Had a side of steamed veggies. Gave in w/diet Pepsi.”

It was a lesson learned for Shepherd about not giving away too much on Twitter. “You just assume when you tweet that you’re tweeting to people far away, not the person – your neighbor across the hall,” Shepherd said on The View. “I wish my coach would have not tweeted because she’s coming here tomorrow to get on me about what I ate.”


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